Irina Gubenko

Irina GubenkoMy name is Irina Gubenko and I am delighted to be a part of EOTQ Young Living team. I was always drawn to massages and skin treatments incorporating elements of aromatherapy. As I began diffusing oils in my home, my curiosity grew and my journey of essential oils discovery began. I have sampled oils from many different companies including home made oils but none of those resonated with me as much as Young Living’s oils. I began learning about the company, its mission, philosophy behind distillation practices and of course therapeutic wonders of Gary Young’s essential oils.  At first, my essential oils fascination was simply a hobby or nothing more than a personal interest. Eventually, I started using Young Living to deepen my spiritual and meditation practices.

However, the turning point was when I traveled to Germany where I visited fascinating mineral water spas and resorts. I was impressed by the methods of combining aromatherapy with hydrotherapy to promote relaxation, emotional well-being and harmony between mind, body and soul. What started as a mere curiosity, now transitioned into a life-long passion, a passion of opening an all nature’s wonders hydrotherapy spa here in New York City using aromatherapy, mainly Young Living oils, as a core philosophy. I am presently working on completing Aromatherapy Certification program and Spa Management Certification to increase my knowledge as well as expertise in the field of aromatherapy, health and wellness. While the spa project is in the works, I am enjoying my involvement with EOTQ team, teaching aromatherapy workshops to increase awareness of therapeutic qualities of essential oils, and using Young Living products to improve my overall health and quality of life.

Irina Gubenko


Phone: 718-986 3724

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